I love meals that I can prep ahead of time, especially if I have company coming over.  This recipe for Matar Paneer is just one of those, as it only takes about 10-20 minutes to make if you prepare the paneer and masala beforehand.  I made the paneer and masala the day before, but you could also make the masala well in advance and freeze until you’re ready to use it.

This was my first cheesemaking adventure, and it was a learning experience.  To make paneer, you bring whole milk to a boil, add acid,  then separate the curds from whey using a cheesecloth.  Well, when I brought the mixture to a boil hardly any curds formed.  I added a little more acid, and nothing happened.  I gave it a few minutes, and nothing happened.  After some internet searching, I found that you must bring the milk to a full boil, and if you mess up the first time you can try again.  So, I brought the milk to a boil again and this time curds formed immediately and the liquid turned clear.  Cool!  There you have it: making paneer at home is really simple, and even if you don’t get curds the first time, try, try, again! (more…)