Every time I take a road trip somewhere and visit the city’s public market, I think, ‘gee, Pittsburgh really needs something like this!’ Well, now we’ve got it!  There are so many reasons to be excited about the opening of the Pittsburgh Public Market, but here are my top three:

  1. Convenience: There are twenty-seven vendors listed as being there every day, and an additional five on Friday, nine on Saturdays, and three on Sundays.  All this shopping under one roof is fantastic (or dangerous if you are an impulsive buyer like me!).
  2. Unique vendors: Although there are some familiar ones to the Strip (La Prima; Fudgie Wudgie) and the Pittsburgh area in general (East End Brewing Company; Spice by Tamarind), there are also vendors that are just getting their start in the area (Tupelo Honey Teas; Crested Duck Charcuterie).
  3. When winter comes, you can shop in an enclosed area and not freeze your tookus off! (more…)