I confess that I’ve never made pesto.  I know, I know, that makes me a bad person or at least a bad foodie, but I have a somewhat good excuse: I’m allergic to nuts.  I’ve always felt pesto just wasn’t pesto without pine nuts and figured I’d never be able to eat it, until I saw a thread on Serious Eats about pine nut substitutions in pestos.  There were many suggestions ranging from good-sounding (sunflower seeds, pepitas) to the bizarre (cooked quinoa- really?).  I kept these ideas in the back of my head, and recently there was a recipe posted on Serious Eats for a corn pesto that consisted of corn, cheese, olive oil, and pine nuts.  The recipe sounded like a good opportunity to use up some end-of-the season corn, as well as to try out a pine nut substitution.  Plus, there’s bacon in the sauce!  Cha-ching!



My motivation to cook is inversely proportional to the temperature outside.  Who wants to slave away at the stove when it is 90+ degrees and 100% humidity outside, or turn on the oven when you don’t have AC?  Blech.  In this post, I hope to give everyone some inspiration for a quick, easy, non-oven-requiring meal for the lazy days of summer.

A few weeks ago I acquired a heaping bag of fresh salad greens from my boyfriend’s family garden.  Now, I don’t normally buy salad greens because the bagged stuff goes bad way before I can eat it all.  But fresh greens (from a local farmers’ market or your own garden) last so much longer and can be the base for a perfect summer dinner.  (more…)