Ice cream/Froyo

As any holiday weekend should be, my 4th of July weekend was filled with amazing food.  It started on Thursday night and just kept going, all the way through Monday…

Smallman St. Deli My absolute all-time favorite deli sandwich is the Rachel with turkey, and one of the best I’ve ever had has been at Smallman’s.  The rye bread is slathered in butter and grilled until it is downright crispy, the thousand island dressing is perfectly tangy, and the sweet coleslaw provides an excellent crunch.  At $8.40, this sandwich isn’t cheap, but it is packed with meat that will keep you going all day long. (more…)


For the better part of the winter, a “coming soon- Razzy Fresh frozen yogurt” sign had been in the window of a Squirrel Hill storefront on Murray Avenue.  I walked by it every day on my way to and from work, anticipating its opening, yearning for a taste of that creamy frozen goodness.  The sign had been there so long that I started to think maybe it was, in fact, not opening.  Imagine my surprise and delight when, walking home from work in the warm weather last Friday evening, the door was open and a sign read ‘open now’!  I made a bee-line for the store and upon entering was immediately asked if I’d like to try a sample.  I said yes and surveyed my options.  Three different soft serve machines stared back at me, all do-it-yourself, each containing two different flavors.  There was peanut butter, taro, original, chocolate, raspberry, and passion fruit.  I was in a fruity mood so I sampled the raspberry and decided to stick with that one.

Next came the toppings.  Again, per my fruity mood, I decided to scoop on a little bit of every single kind of fruit that they had: mango, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, raspberries, blackberries, and pineapple.  Then, I weighed my concoction and paid $3 for about eight ounces.

Upon taking the first bite, I had only one thought: yessss, this is what I have waited all winter for! The raspberry yogurt was slightly sweet, and the fresh fruit on top was simply amazing.  And the whole thing was only $3? Wow!

Today I decided to make a return visit and try the original yogurt with some candy toppings.  The label above the original dispenser says ‘tangy,’ and indeed it is- but in a good way.  I scooped on a mishmash of candy (Oreos, M&Ms, white chocolate chips, and rice krispie treats).  Why?  Because I could!  I’ll admit, the candy probably isn’t best suited for the original yogurt.  I would stick with fruit from now on for the original, and maybe try the candy on something like chocolate or peanut butter.  At any rate, I only paid $2.88 this time for about the same serving size (I’m guessing the fruit weighed more than the candy).

I am completely thrilled about Razzy Fresh’s opening!  I’m not sure if it’s the novelty of the concept to the Pittsburgh area, or the spring weather just making me giddy, but I absolutely love this place.  I give Razzy Fresh a rating of 5 happy bellies for refreshing, flavorful yogurt, and a rating of 5 full wallets for being much cheaper than the ice cream competitors around the corner!

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