Last week I finally made it to Paris 66, a crepe bistro, out in East Liberty.  I had read many positive reviews of this place and couldn’t wait to try their delicious-sounding crepes with some friends.  As soon as we walked in the restaurant, I got the feeling that this was going to be a great meal: the sights and smells of crepes being made greeted us from the kitchen that is located right inside the entrance.  We were seated promptly and our waitress began describing the daily specials which sounded tasty, but let’s be realistic, I was there for the crepes.  After looking over the menu again (I had already obsessed over it the whole day while at work), I settled on the Paris 66 savory crepe ($11).  The savory crepes are buckwheat and all come with either soup or salad.  I chose the soup du jour, cauliflower goat cheese.  The Paris 66 came beautifully presented, with the egg served in the open middle of the crepe, and the sautéed mushrooms and tomato Provencal served on the side on the exterior of the crepe.  The crepe itself was fantastic with a great bite and texture provided by the buckwheat.  The ham filling the crepe was so thin and the over-easy egg proved excellent for dipping.  I normally don’t like Swiss cheese, but inside this crepe it perfectly complemented the ham.  The mushrooms and basil-thyme-infused tomatoes on the side were also great for topping each bite with.

The soup was also a beautiful shade of white, dotted with flecks of basil and a swirl of olive oil on top.  The texture was deliciously creamy and the flavors were dominated by garlic and tangy goat cheese.  What a great way to hide vegetables!

The crepe and soup were more than filling, but I couldn’t pass up the dessert crepes.  I decided on La Soisy with blueberry preserves topped with whipped cream ($6).  Again, the presentation was beautiful with cinnamon dusting the whipped cream and powdered sugar lightly sprinkled over the entire plate.  The whole blueberries were so plump and juicy, with a slight lemony kick.  The outer edges of the crepe had the perfect crispness and the middle was melt-in-your-mouth delightful.

My total bill with tax and tip came to just around $20, which is very reasonable considering how full I left.  My only grievance with the place is how close the tables are smooshed together and how I could hear everyone’s conversations around us.  But, if you’re into food as much as I am, you will easily block out all the distractions around you when your food comes.  All in all, I would highly recommend Paris 66 for the tasty crepes, the charming atmosphere, and the moderate prices! Paris 66 receives a rating of 3 happy bellies for large portions and amazing tastes of France, while maintaining 4 full wallets for respectable prices for three courses.

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