Pamela’s is a place that I just can’t hate, in spite of the many strikes against it. Even with lines out the door, service that is mediocre at best, and bad coffee, they know how to make pancakes. And I absolutely love pancakes. I love them fluffy or thin, small or large, buttermilk or fruit-filled. Now, I understand that some people are particular about pancakes, and if you like them fluffy, you should probably not ever visit Pamela’s. But, if you’re an equal opportunity pancake lover like me, you need to go to Pamela’s. Period.

There’s really no reason to get anything else besides pancakes (you could make the rest of the menu at home faster and cheaper). They are so incredibly thin, so deliciously crispy around the edges, and stuffed with all kinds of goodies. I will say that I have gotten the blueberry hotcakes before, and the blueberries were pretty much frozen.  Gross.  Since then I’ve had the tasty strawberry hotcakes, stuffed with sour cream and brown sugar along with the fruit.  However, what keeps me going back are the chocolate chip banana hotcakes. They are perfection: semi-sweet chocolate chips in the actual pancakes, rolled up and stuffed with bananas and whipped cream. They’re so sweet that I can actually go without syrup on top, which makes me feel a teeny bit healthier.

If you’ve got a craving for pancakes, I highly recommend Pamela’s.  The portion to cost ratio is pretty good, as the stuffed hotcakes can keep you going until dinner for only $6.25. I give Pamela’s 2.5 happy bellies for mouth-watering pancakes and 5 full wallets for cheap breakfasts.

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