Hi! I’m Angie, and I’m a graduate student living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a passion for cooking and eating.  I know how easy it is to reach for unhealthy, processed foods or takeout when you’re strapped for time and cash.  Believe me, I have had my share of 12-hour days full of classes and research and have been tempted to do the same.  With this blog, I’ll show you what I do to save time and money in the kitchen, as well as what food items I think are worth spending a little extra dough on.  I’ll show you what I do for lunches throughout the week (without spending a dime in a campus food court or restaurant) and what I eat for dinner when all I want to do is collapse in bed.  I also like to entertain, so I’ll throw in a few ideas here and there for cooking for friends, too.  Finally, I plan on reviewing up-and-coming restaurants as well as old neighborhood favorites to show that it’s possible to occasionally dine out on a budget.

Cooking/Eating Style: I’m not particularly a fan of meat, but I’m not a vegetarian.  I think seafood is fantastic and if I can find a good sale on something or can make a trip to Wholey’s, I love to cook with it.  Since I moved to Squirrel Hill a year ago, I have come to appreciate ethnic cuisine, particularly Thai and other Asian foods.  I also love to bake (bread, sweets) and am interested in honing my bread-baking skills.

Post format: For restaurant reviews, I’ll describe the ambience of the restaurant, price range, and cuisine.  For recipes I plan to introduce the recipe with any stories behind the dish or my inspiration for it.  Then I’ll follow it up with a shopping list and detailed cost information, the recipe, and finally the results!

Happy Eating!

Contact me at angelaholmen@gmail.com


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Fabulous blog, Angie! Great info; well-presented. Keep ’em coming~

    1. chubbygrad Says:

      Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!

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